Bulk Mailing

Do you want to print flyers... but are not sure you want to spend 39 cents each on mailing them? Good news! S&S Printing has a standard-class and first-class permit registered with the United States Postal Service. If you plan to mail at least 250 of the same item (be it a postcard, tri-folded flyer, newsletter etc.) you qualify for this service.

There are two main ways to mail your product. First, you can have a computer file of names and addresses. If this is the case, we have special USPS licensed software that allows us to go through your file and correct addresses (to a certain extent), find duplicates, and presort. The second way is to do a saturation mailer. With this method, you can send mail to everyone on particular postal routes within different cities. This is the kind of mailer addressed to "Resident" or "Homeowner" etc.

After printing the addresses on your product, we will even bring it to the post office for you.