Printing Basics

S&S Printing is a full-service commercial printing and design company. But what does that mean? For starters, we have a variety of printing equipment available to fit your needs. And we have the staff, knowledge and experience to design your product if you so choose.

Let's say you a need a quick copy of your driver's license. We can put it on our black and white copier. But, now let's say you need 100 full-color copies of a flyer and you need it right away. No problem, we'll print it off our high-speed color laser printer. But what if you need 2,000 or 20,000 full-color flyers? Well, the larger the quantity, the more inexpensive it is per sheet if printed on a printing press. Printing presses are also the way to go if you want just one, two, or three ink colors printed rather than full-color. The only thing to keep in mind is that it takes longer to print on a press because plates have to be made and ink must dry.

Oh, and we have a variety of auxiliary equipment as well. So if you need something perforated, scored, folded, drilled, saddle-stitched, collated etc., we can do it all. If for some reason we can not print your product in-house, we have made special arrangements with other companies throughout the United States to get you the product at an affordable and reasonable price.

The point is that no matter what your product is, we can print it.