The Printing Process

  Determine what you require. First, decide what information you are trying to convey and who you want to convey it to. Basically, pinpoint your selling market. -- Remember, we can only design from the information given to us.
  Contact our professionals by phone or drop by our office for a more personal meeting.
  During our meeting we will go over the information you gathered for step #1 above and offer any suggestions we may feel appropriate. When you feel totally comfortable with what we have discussed, we will proceed to the next step.
  Now it's time for us to go to work and use our artistic skills to design a product that will convey the information you have given us. Turning your job into an easy-to-read publication that will look great and attract attention.
  This is the time for you to come into our office and look at what we have created for you. We will show you a photo copied version of your product. You may take this home to view or you may "proof" it at our office.
  We have hundreds of paper choices to select from. Various colors, weights, and finishes. Most are available in acid free and recycled. You name it, we got it!
  You've proofed your product, selected your paper and now it's ready to go to press.
  Your job is complete. We can deliver it or you can pick it up. Your choice.
  This whole process varies from job to job. To create a masterpiece may take two to three weeks. Smaller jobs or reorders may only require two to three days.